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Overview summary

Toulouse Blagnac airport is located just outside the historic city of Toulouse, the centre of the European aerospace industry.

The airport offers excellent connections to Pyrenees ski resorts and the Principality of Andorra.

The airport is used by scheduled airlines and for corporate and private flights.

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Toulouse Blagnac Airport History

Toulouse-Blagnac airport was first opened in 1939 and initially used by the French military.

Civil transport of Francazal moved to Toulouse-Blagnac in 1945 and the first terminal was opened in 1953.

On 2 March 1969, prototype 001 of the Concorde took off for the first time from runway 32L. The same runway was later used for the take-off of prototype 001 of the Airbus A380 on 27 April 2005.

Landing at Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Toulouse Blagnac Airport Location

Toulouse Blagnac airport is situated 8 kms from the city centre and its location offers excellent access to the Pyrenees and to Andorra.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport Facts

Airport Codes: TLS
Elevation: 499 feet
Toulouse Blagnac Airport has 2 runways with a maximum runway length of 3500 metres. The runway length is suitable for most private jets from small propeller aircraft up to large airliners.

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