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PrivateFly is committed to a long term sustainability program, dedicated to going far beyond just carbon offsetting and meeting industry standards. Our focus is on reducing the entire climate impact of our flying.

We're working with 4AIR, which is a rating system for the commitment to sustainability for aviation companies.

Through our sustainability program we commit to every flight booked via PrivateFly and our facilities being at least 4AIR Level 2 rated - Carbon and Emission Neutral and 300% carbon offset.

Our program offers PrivateFly's clients the opportunity to support long term sustainability goals, which go beyond aviation industry standards. We also offer a sustainability solution for anyone to offset their emissions, even if these are on flights or travel outside PrivateFly.

Carbon offsetting | Emission Neutral | Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility


What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon offsetting is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases, made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. PrivateFly flights are 300% carbon offset. CO2 emissions alone only account for 1/3 of the impact on the environment from flying, which is why PrivateFly's sustainability program is also emission neutral.

What is Emission Neutral?

Emission Neutral looks beyond carbon offsetting and offsets other aviation emissions, including water vapour, aerosols and nitrous oxide - which account for 2/3 of the emissions produced when flying. PrivateFly offsets 300% of carbon emissions to cover these other emissions.

What does PrivateFly do to offset private jet flights booked through PrivateFly?

Every flight booked through PrivateFly is 300% carbon offset (and emission neutral) as standard.

Is PrivateFly carbon neutral?

Yes, PrivateFly is carbon neutral, including all flights and facilities and in fact is emission neutral, offsetting all flights 300%, to account for other, non-CO2 emissions.

How does offsetting with PrivateFly work?

By funding projects like forestry and renewable energy that reduce emissions equivalent to the emissions from flying with PrivateFly. You can fly with confidence because projects are verified to industry leading standards and permanently retired on behalf of PrivateFly and its clients. It is a seamless process for flyers, PrivateFly and 4AIR work together to ensure the appropriate volumes of credits are acquired and retired for every flight.

How does PrivateFly compare to other private aviation companies?

Most private aviation companies are only looking at their carbon impact. PrivateFly is already thinking more comprehensively and looking at the entire climate impact of our flying. PrivateFly also enables you to do more, you can opt in to a higher levels with 4AIR allowing you to enhance the sustainability of your flying.

Can I emission offset flights booked through other companies?

Yes, if you fly with other companies, we can calculate the emissions and help you meet emission neutral for all your flying.

Does my flight data get shared with 4AIR?

All customer data is anonymised prior to sharing outside the organisation, in accordance with PrivateFly’s privacy policy. PrivateFly does not share any personally identifiable information and only shares enough information for 4AIR to calculate and verify its flight activity.

Can I go further than 300% carbon offsetting?

Yes we can also offer additional products which enable you to further enhance the sustainability of your flying activity. Just ask any of our team for details of our Beyond Neutral & Climate Champion levels.

PrivateFly's offsetting portfolio

Working with 4AIR, we have selected a portfolio of carefully-chosen projects in which PrivateFly is focussing our offsetting activity. These are all accredited projects and are based across the world - with activities ranging from forestry programs, to cookstoves, to renewable energy.

Here are two examples:

The Adani Group is a CORSIA-approved solar renewable energy project, based in the Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan states of India. In total, the project generates enough solar energy to displace more than 1.5 million megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity in India annually, reducing the carbon impact of a country in which about 80 percent of electricity is generated through fossil fuels.

In addition, the project spurs economic development, provides job opportunities and expands economic activity in the regions.

The Banscol Highlands forestry project, which is verified by the Woodland Carbon Code, is designed to link fragmented ancient, semi-natural woodland along the banks of Scotland's River Brora with a new, diverse native planting. It will predominantly look to create an upland oakwood habitat, with elements of native pine, wet woodland and upland birchwood. The improved grassland will be planted with a productive silver birch stand, taking advantage of the local shelter, accessibility and fertility of the fields to sustainably produce fuelwood for local use.

In addition to capturing CO2, UK woodland also delivers other local and tangible benefits for biodiversity, landscape, flood management, water quality and recreation. This project will provide many benefits, including for local wildlife and flood mitigation.

What else does PrivateFly do as part of its CSER policy?

PrivateFly has a CSER team who are committed to driving our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility forward, and undertake a variety of projects throughout the year. We also offer every team member time off to volunteer and as a team support our local food bank. We work with several local and aviation charities, combining donations with supporting projects in our local community. The local charities we are currently work with are:

Youth Talk

Youth Talk is a charity that provides free, confidential counselling support to 13-25 year olds who live, work or attend school/college in the District of St Albans (Harpenden, London Colney, Redbourn, St Albans, Sandridge and Wheathampstead).

More about Youth Talk

de Havilland Aircraft Museum

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum (based in Hertfordshire) aims to preserve and communicate the de Havilland Heritage, to ensure that current and future generations of all ages will understand de Havilland’s contribution to innovative British Aviation technology. 

More about the de Havilland Aircraft Museum


Home-Start Herts delivers high quality, volunteer-led services to support local families through challenging times. By getting in early, they help parents grow in confidence and enjoy positive family relationships. 

More about Home-Start Hertfordshire

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      PrivateFly is committed to a long term sustainability program, dedicated to going far beyond just carbon offsetting.

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