Why choose PrivateFly for your private flights?

At PrivateFly, we offer a range of premium private jet travel solutions for regular flyers, including our Jet Cards, Aviator membership and shared ownerships via our sister company Flexjet.

We know your choice of private jet provider is a big decision. We also know the value that a trusted expert can bring, helping you choose the right way to fly, to suit your needs. It's a position of trust and responsibility that we take very seriously.

So here's what makes PrivateFly different from the rest.

1) Backed by a leading global private aviation group

PrivateFly is owned by Directional Aviation, one of the largest private aviation groups in the world, with sales of over $2 billion.

This gives us - and our clients - a number of benefits including financial stability; shared industry expertise; and priority access to premium private jet aircraft, including those in our family group.

It also means we can offer our clients a long term sustainability program, with every flight including a 300% carbon offset at no extra cost, and options to go further in your environmental commitment if you wish to do so.

2) Jet Cards & tailored memberships

Taking a personalised approach to every client, we offer access to a range of handpicked, certified aircraft via tailored solutions, with benefits to match your flying requirements, including flexible terms, fixed rates and guaranteed availability.

Our Jet Card gives guaranteed access to handpicked aircraft from our preferred aircraft operator suppliers, with the certainty of fixed hourly rates, enhanced booking terms and exceptional levels of consistency and service. You can choose from our Jet Card categories, according to your flying requirements: Light Jet Card Plus; Super-Midsize Jet Card; Heavy Jet Card.

Our Aviator Membership gives you all the flexibility of market-based private jet charter, but with the exceptional service and benefits of a premium programme.

3) Industry-leading safety & privacy

Your safety and security is our highest priority. As part of Directional Aviation's OneSky family, we have an industry-leading safety culture that goes significantly beyond other providers. Our Safety Officers in Europe and the USA oversee all our supplier relationships, and we work only with aircraft operators that can adhere to the highest standards of safety and service. Our OneSky Safety Officers are always happy to talk to our clients, if you have any questions about the operators we work with.

Our due diligence now also includes assessing operators on their additional hygiene and health protocols in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PrivateFly is also an Argus Certified Broker and a Wyvern Broker. These voluntary accreditation schemes review workplace culture, operational processes, and financial stability - only awarding a certificate to those who meet their designated high standards.

Your privacy is also vitally important to us and we are committed to doing everything we can to protect the personal data that you share with us. Read more about our privacy policy.

4) Client ratings & reviews

We have a large number of clients who we have worked with over many years, and many new ones come to us as a result of a recommendation or referral.

We're extremely proud of the reviews of our service, which are collected and verified via the independent platform Trustpilot. We now have over 950, and a Trustscore of 4.9/5. You can browse these detailed reviews of our service, from real clients here: Trustpilot reviews of PrivateFly.

5) Expertise and exceptional service

At PrivateFly we live and breathe private jets, and your flight is our passion. Our team knows the aircraft we offer inside out, and can answer any of your questions about them or airport you're considering - helping you weigh up the pros and cons of different options in a truly informed way.

After a booking is made our dedicated Client Services team takes over. They manage every detail of your schedule from start-to-finish, taking care of catering; onboard amenities; ground transfers if required; weather checks and liaising with operators, airports, and all other parties to make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

6) Innovative technology for a faster & smarter response

PrivateFly's tech-focussed business means we can work smarter and faster at every stage. Our proprietary platform connects seamlessly with aircraft operators, providing options for your flights in minutes - not hours or days.

This also means we can have you airborne in under an hour if necessary. And we know communication is essential, so we'll keep you updated every step of the way - in the way that works best for you.

Want to know more about PrivateFly and how we work? Contact us or talk to the team 24/7 on {{telephone}}.

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      PrivateFly is committed to a long term sustainability program, dedicated to going far beyond just carbon offsetting.

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      PrivateFly is a sister company to Flexjet, which provides shared ownership and programmes for experienced private aviation users who fly 50+ hours per year

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