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London is Europe's busiest city for private jet charter, with almost 100,000 private jet movements every year. But which London private jet airport should you choose?

Private jet flights to London

The UK capital offers a wide choice of airports for private aviation across the city and its outskirts and some offer a choice of FBOs (private jet terminals). Here we present a rundown of the main private jet airport options, to help you decide which is best for your flight.

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London Farnborough Airport

In terms of its style, VIP service and facilities, Farnborough Airport to the south west of London is arguably the leading private jet facility in Europe - and the favoured option for many PrivateFly clients flying to or from the capital. It is also now the busiest private jet airport in the UK, after seeing demand grow over the past few years.

Seamless helicopter services can shorten the transfer time to Central London to just 15 minutes - with a regular shuttle service available seven days a week from PrivateFly's sister company Halo Aviation.

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London Luton Airport

Better known to many as a budget airline hub, London Luton Airport was also the UK's busiest private jet airport just a few years ago - and remains of the top ten in Europe. 

Indeed Luton does offer a good proposition to the private jet customer, especially those accessing the north of London: Cost-effective landing fees; a choice of private jet FBOs; and a 25-minute train link into the capital (1 hour by car).

But its popularity has started to decline in recent years, with runway availability to private jet customers becoming an issue, due to the airport's growing number of airline flights. And while it used to be open 24-hours, night opening hours are now restricted in the peak summer months.

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London Biggin Hill Airport

For private jet users looking to access the south side of London, Biggin Hill offers a strong aviation pedigree (it is a former RAF military base); cost-effective landing fees; and flexible airport slots. It has increased its opening hours in recent years and is in the midsts of a £15M investment programme - all of which is seeing it increase in popularity.

Its location is not ideal for everyone, due to its slower road links to London, but it does offer helicopter transfers for those who are in more of a hurry.  

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London City Airport

London City is the Formula 1 racing track of private jet airports. Not only is it the closest airport to Central London and less than 10 minutes by car from nearby Canary Wharf, it also offers the fastest departure and highly-efficient VIP customer service.

But this speed and convenience comes at a higher cost than other London airports, with landing fees considerably higher.

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London RAF Northolt

With its military usage reducing in recent years, RAF Northolt is also used as a private jet airport. Located just 13 miles (21 km) from Central London, it offers one of the closest gateways to the city - just a 30 minute transfer time. Its long runway is capable of handling all sizes of aircraft, and its exceptional security and privacy makes it popular with high profile individuals.  

Slot availability is more limited than at other airports so it can be difficult to secure preferred times, especially during peak demand periods.

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London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport offers excellent FBO (private terminal) facilties; 24-hour access; and good transport links. But it is less popular than it should be with London's private jet users - perhaps because it is perceived as being further from London. In fact, it is pretty much the same driving time away as Luton.

With plenty of aircraft parking it is a popular choice for those using larger private jets, such as the BBJ, but for many others it remains under the radar.

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Southend Airport

Bought by the Eddie Stobart Group prior to the London Olympics in 2012, London Southend Airport then underwent a much-needed upgrade. It opened a new Jet Centre in November 2017 and has further development plans. With good 24-hour availability and lower landing fees, the airport is popular with customers in Essex and can offer fast ground (and helicopter) transfer times into East London.

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London Oxford Airport

London Oxford Airport is further away from the city centre than some of London's airports, but its proximity to the M40 motorway means it can rival them for driving times to West London. The airport is increasingly focussed on the business aviation market and offers a dedicated terminal and very efficient service, with fast turnarounds for private jet flights.

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London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is London's busiest airport for airline flights - but not for private jets. Its sheer size and congestion levels make it an unattractive choice.

Even for private jet travellers going through Heathrow's dedicated private jet terminal (FBO), delays are often experienced in the air and on the ground, as you come in or out of the airport. It also has very high landing fees for private aircraft. So in most situations, we don't recommend using London Heathrow as a private jet airport.

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London Gatwick Airport

Getting in and out of a very large international airport will always take longer. And, with time-saving at the top of the list for private jet users, Gatwick - like Heathrow - is not a good choice for the majority of private flights in or out of London.

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London Cranfield Airport

Well-known for its flight school, London Cranfield also handles some private jet flights. It a good choice for visitors looking to access the North of London, and is particularly popular during the Silverstone Grand Prix.

Its runway can accommodate all sizes of private jet and, with no runway slots and airside access for cars, it offers flexibility and high levels of privacy.

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How to charter a private jet flight in London

To discuss how our Jet Card and private jet membership solutions can work for your travel plans to London, contact our expert team on {{telephone}} or contact us

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