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Overview summary

St Maarten's Princess Juliana Airport is next to one of the Caribbean island's most popular beaches. Private jets and commercial airliners land and take off just over the heads of sunbathers.

At the end of the runway is the Sunset Bar - a favourite with plane spotters. Adventurous tourist and locals enjoy clinging onto the airport's runway fence as an airliner takes off and blasts them with powerful jet engines.

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Private Jet Charter Prices - St Maarten Princess Juliana Airport

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St. Barts - St. Maarten Princess Juliana (one way)
Aircraft: BN2 Islander
Seats: 8
Flight time: 11 mins
Charter price: $1 600

Miami – St. Maarten Princess Juliana (2-days return)
Aircraft: Hawker 800
Seats: 8
Flight time: 2 hrs 38 mins
Charter price: $19,810

London – St. Maarten Princess Juliana (one way)
Aircraft: Bombardier Global Express
Seats: 14
Flight time: 7 hrs 12 mins
Charter price: $103,000

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Princess Juliana Airport History

Princess Juliana Airport was built during World War II to serve as a US military base. In 1943 the first commercial flight took place.

The airport is names after the Netherlands Crown Princess Juliana, who landed at the airport in 1944.

Since the 1940s the airport has been extensively rebuilt, and now includes a $100 million airport terminal which was opened in 2006 by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Landing at St Maarten Airport

Your views on St Maarten Airport

St Maarten is famous for its landing over Maho Beach, and has been named a Top 10 Most Scenic Airport several times, in PrivateFly's annual poll.

Find out more and discover which other airports made the Top 10: PrivateFly Scenic Airports poll results 2018.

Voters commented as follows: "The approach is made over Maho Beach with tourists just a few feet under the plane when it lands!"

"Because it's the BEST! Can't get any closer to the planes than at St. Maarten airport."

"There's nothing as breath taking as seeing the planes fly right over your head at Maho beach right before the runway of PJIA on St. Maarten. Feeling like by stretching out your arm you'd be touching the bottom of the plane is so unbelievably exhilarating!"

Princess Juliana Airport Location

The airport is located on the south-west side of the island. The runway runs alongside Simpson Bay.

Princess Juliana Airport Facts

Flights at other times can be arranged, but may be subject to additional airport charges.
Airport Codes: SXM / TNCM
Elevation: 14 feet
Princess Juliana has a runway length of 2300 metres (7546 feet). The runway length is suitable for all charter aircraft from small props to large airliners.

Princess Juliana has a modern terminal building, and a separate private jet terminal. The private jet terminal offers customs, private lounges and boardroom and business facilities. Immigration and luggage handling for private jet charter customers takes place in the private jet terminal. There is a helipad at the airport.

Private Jet Charter Prices - Princess Juliana Airport

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