Top 10 Airport Approaches 2011

In November 2011 we asked passengers, pilots and passionate flyers to tell us their favourite airport approach.

We received an overwhelming response, with voters choosing a total of 79 different airports across the world offering a diverse range of stunning views on approach - glittering cityscapes, jaw-dropping mountain views or awe-inspiring approaches over the sea.

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Airport Approaches 2013

We updated our Airport Approaches poll for 2013. See which airports made it into our top 10 airport approaches in 2013.

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Airport Approaches 2011

Favourite Airports

The votes have been counted and your 2011 top 10 airport approaches are:

  1. BARRA AIRPORT, on the Isle of Barra in Scotland
  2. London City Airport, in London's Docklands area
  3. Jackson Hole Airport, in Wyoming, USA
  4. Aruba Airport, on the Caribbean Island of Aruba
  5. Male Airport, on Hulhulé Island in the Maldives
  6. St Barts Airport, on Saint Barthélemy
  7. Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand
  8. Gibraltar, on Gibraltar on the Iberian Peninsula
  9. Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes, in the Arctic Circle, Norway
  10. St Maarten, on the Caribbean Island of Saint Maarten

We ran our favourite airport approaches poll again in 2013 - see which airports moved into our top 10 airport approaches in 2013.

jet charter to St Barts

1. Barra Airport

Barra's unique beach runway, which is only accessible at low tide, inspired pilots and passengers alike to vote for Barra Airport as your number one favourite airport approach.

You said:
"Beautiful scenery and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to land on a beach"
"Spectacular approach over beautiful islands, soft landing on the beach of white shells, taxiing up to the tiny terminal and then realising the whole island breathes to the rhythm of the tide, as you can only land at low tide so the bus, the post-office and the shops open after the plane has landed with mail, people and newspapers."
More about Barra airport & approach video

London City Airport by private jet

2. London City Airport

You said:
"From the East you get to see the Thames estuary from QE2 bridge to Silvertown. From the West your approach is over Canary Wharf and you may see Westminster, London Eye, Tower Bridge, St. Pauls"
"At night, especially, no matter what time of year, the lights shining over some of the most iconic buildings in the world make it feel like Christmas!" 
More about London City airport & approach video

Jackson Hole Airport by private jet

3. Jackson Hole Airport

You said:
"The Grand Tetons are the most spectacular mountain range you will ever see in your lifetime and you get to see them up close and personal when you fly into Jackson Hole. Sunset arrivals and departures and even more amazing!"
"The stunning mountain and Snake River views knowing you on the edge of Yellowstone National Park combined with the spectacular look at the Tetons make this a very special approach."
More about Jackson Hole airport & approach video

private jet charter Aruba Airport

4. Aruba Airport

You said:
"The view of the sea, beaches and downtown Oranjestad is amazing."
"I love Aruba's airport because once you've landed in paradise, you are welcomed "home" with open arms by the people of the island. Nothing compares."
More about Aruba airport & approach video

private jet charter Male Airport

5. Malé Airport

You said:
"It is an Island Airport, on its own island..The airport is surrounded by deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees..."
"approaching over the Maldivian Atolls where you often see turtles and dolphins on approach."
More about Malé airport & approach video

private jet charter St Barts Airport
private jet charter Queenstown Airport

7. Queenstown Airport

You said:
"The stunning low level approach brushes past the Great Southern ALPS, you are able to see people skiing as you fly in. Simply beautiful"
"Absolutely spectacular flying in over the mountains, lake and ski field - it literally takes your breath away!"
More about Queenstown airport & approach video

private jet charter Gibraltar Airport

8. Gibraltar Airport

You said:
"Challenging winds and a great view (most of the time!) Not to mention a slight feeling of superiority when you cross the closed road!"
"It is rare that you can circle an entire country while coming into land at an airport with a world famous backdrop to the apron. Perfect for getting a shot of your aircraft parked up."
More about Gibraltar airport & approach video

private jet charter Narvik Airport
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