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Media Coverage

PrivateFly is regularly featured in the media, as an expert source of information and insight about private jet travel and our industry. Here's just a selection of our recent media coverage:

AIN - 22 July 2021

The Telegraph - 26 June 2021

The Financial Times - 14 June 2021

The Times - 12 May 2021

The Telegraph - 14 April 2021

Le Figaro - 3 April 2021

Financial News (Dow Jones) - 12 March 2021

Green Air News - 5 March 2021

The Financial Times - 24 February 2021

Tatler - 3 February 2021

Forbes - 31 January 2021

The Telegraph - 6 January 2021

Financial News - 9 December 2020

Les Echos - 28 November 2020

The Telegraph - 19 November 2020

The Telegraph - 10 November 2020

The Times - 7 November 2020

El Mundo - 10 October 2020

The Independent - 17 September 2020

CNN - 16 September 2020

Travel Trade Gazette - 9 September 2020

BBC News - 16 August 2020

The Times - 14 August 2020

The Financial Times - 14 August 2020 - 4 August 2020

The National - 28 July 2020

The Telegraph - 15 July 2020

Insider - 2 July 2020

The Sunday Times - 28 June 2020

CNBC - 19 June 2020

Aviation Week - 26 May 2020

Capital - 4 May 2020

The Telegraph - 30 April 2020

Forbes - 23 April 2020

CNN - 9 April 2020

Business Insider - 18 March 2020

Financial Times - 16 March 2020

Reuters - 12 February 2020

Le Figaro - 4 February 2020

The Telegraph - 27 January 2020

Latest Press Releases

PrivateFly launches Aviator Membership, as private flyers seek more flexibility and service in the post-pandemic era - August 05, 2021
New Bitcoin-based private jet membership program is a world first – allowing members to keep funds on account in Bitcoin, to pay for future flights.

PrivateFly says nearly 20% of its sales are paid by cryptocurrency as it launches new Bitcoin Jet Account - February 15, 2021
New Bitcoin-based private jet membership program is a world first – allowing members to keep funds on account in Bitcoin, to pay for future flights.

PrivateFly reveals nine ways 2021 will change private jet travel forever - January 6, 2021
PrivateFly says the pandemic is set to be a major catalyst for change and disruption in private jet travel, as it looks ahead to 2021.

PrivateFly reveals clients have flown between 648 airports this year, in new report reflecting the impact of COVID-19 in 2020 - December 16, 2020
Latest trends report reflects an unprecedented year, in terms of destinations, lead times, demographics & more.

PrivateFly relaunches fixed-rate ‘City Pairs’ amid rising demand for winter travel - December 1, 2020
PrivateFly has revealed a new selection of market-leading, fixed-rate private charter routes ahead of the winter season.

PrivateFly expands its team as it grows product range and international reach - November 11, 2020
New Commercial Director and Jet Card Sales Director are among new hires to boost client-facing teams

PrivateFly's new Q3 report reveals increase in first time bookers & last minute flights - October 13, 2020
Discover the results of PrivateFly's latest quarterly trends report, for July - September 2020.

PrivateFly reveals the results of its 2020 Scenic Airports poll - September 15, 2020
Frequent flyers, flight enthusiasts and aviation geeks nominated their favourite airports in a tally of the world’s most scenic and beautiful landings

PrivateFly launches new Jet Card membership program amid a surge in private jet travel during COVID-19 - August 4, 2020
On-demand private jet provider extends its offering with new PrivateFly Jet Card for frequent flyers, as travellers look for a safer, more reliable way to fly

More private jet flights contain families (and pets) since the COVID-19 pandemic - July 15, 2020
PrivateFly publishes its Q2 trends report for the ‘rollercoaster’ period April - June, which also reveals a rise in bookings for larger cabin private aircraft

As travel restarts, the Top 10 private jet destinations for UK travellers this summer - June 29, 2020
Demand for private jet flights is on the rise this summer, including first time private flyers and families grouping up in ‘bubbles’ to charter an aircraft together

Travel companies turn to private aviation to keep clients flying - June 10, 2020
PrivateFly reports a 85% annual rise in enquiries from travel trade partners in the past two weeks, as the travel industry looks for ways to keep clients moving safely this summer

A new audience for private jets is predicted as travel restarts - May 21, 2020
PrivateFly’s enquiries in May are up 22% on last year, with many investigating a socially-distanced way to fly going forwards, even if it comes at a higher cost

New PrivateFly report reveals very different charter customer demands in Q1, due to COVID-19 - April 23, 2020
PrivateFly’s enquiries in May are up 22% on last year, with many investigating a socially-distanced way to fly going forwards, even if it comes at a higher cost

PrivateFly targets West Coast growth with new senior sales appointment - Feb 10, 2020
Robert Shaplen is appointed to lead a new regional sales team

PrivateFly appoints music & entertainment travel specialist - Feb 29, 2020
Elliot Bottomley joins the private charter company’s European team, to grow market-specific sales expertise

PrivateFly's annual charter trends report reflects a period of 'change and growth' for the company - Jan 28, 2020
New York City was top destination in 2019, with the most-flown aircraft the Nextant 400XTi, Citation XLS and Legacy 600

Seven business aviation predictions for 2020 - Dec 17, 2019
Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, offers his thoughts on the key industry trends to look out for in 2020

PrivateFly saw European flight activity up 26% in Q3 - Oct 30, 2019
New quarterly insights report reflects a record-breaking Summer 2019 in Europe for the private charter booking platform

PrivateFly launches its new season 'City Pairs' routes - Oct 15, 2019
Reacting to demand, the charter booking platform has unveiled a new and extended menu of fixed-price charter routes in Europe on the Nextant 400XTi and Legacy 600, available until 31 March 2020

PrivateFly appoints Gregg Slow in new role to head its US division - August 20, 2019
The charter booking platform accelerates ‘next level’ growth plans, with a new leadership role for the US region.

PrivateFly offers fixed price cross country flights in the USA - 16 July 2019
For $29,000 clients can charter a Challenger 300 cross country, between New York City and California.

PrivateFly’s new Q2 insights report reflects its growing global footprint- 12 July 2019
Latest report from PrivateFly reveals its top destinations worldwide were New York City, Washington DC & Nice Cote d’Azur between April and June.

More music festival goers are tuning into private aviation - 25 June 2019
PrivateFly reports 15% of all European flights in June & July are to music events.

New routes on the Legacy 600 added to summer City Pairs from PrivateFly - 4 June 2019
Following successful launch in April, the private jet company has added longer routes to its fixed price program.

PrivateFly launches fixed price summer private jet flights - 30 April 2019
New ‘City Pairs’ include flights between London and Ibiza, Palma, Nice, Paris, Milan and Geneva.

PrivateFly integrates with Skyjet, creating ‘world-leading’ digital platform for private charter - 4 April 2019
Directional Aviation’s OneSky is now focusing its on-demand offering under the PrivateFly brand.

Book that window seat: The Top 10 Scenic Airports 2019 revealed - 22 March 2019
Travel fans and experts reveal their favourite airport landing views in PrivateFly's poll.

Relocations by private jet are taking off, says PrivateFly - 27 February 2019
The private jet booking service is reporting an increase in private flights for those moving abroad, with clients able to take their pets and valuables in the cabin.

London topped the private jet charts in 2018 - 4 February 2019
When it comes to Europe's private jet cities, London continued to top the charts in 2018, according to industry data and commentary from PrivateFly.

Challenging yet exciting times in 2019 for business aviation, predicts PrivateFly - 3 January 2019
Adam Twidell CEO of PrivateFly, offers eight industry predictions for 2019, as the company releases its annual trends report for 2018.

PrivateFly launches exclusive ski season flights between London & Geneva - 27 November 2018
For a guaranteed fixed price of €6000 groups can fly on-demand between London and Geneva in a Nextant 400XTi.

How to fly "back in time" and celebrate New Year Twice - 19 November 2018
PrivateFly offers the ultimate New Year’s Eve private jet itinerary, allowing you to experience the start of 2019 twice, in both Sydney and LA.

Why private flyers are choosing sleep over champagne - 18 October 2018
According to PrivateFly's latest report, increasing numbers of private jet customers are choosing to sleep while they fly.

PrivateFly is acquired by Directional Aviation, a world-leading provider of digital on-demand private jet travel - 5 September 2018
Within the OneSky family, PrivateFly will join forces with on-demand broker Skyjet.

Forget the airport queues this summer with a private jet day trip - 14 August 2018
Carol Cork, marketing director at PrivateFly, talks about the latest private jet summer trend - for time-starved travellers to take a 'holiday in a day'.

PrivateFly listed second in Crunchbase's 50 successful companies with minimal funding - 24 July 2018
The private charter platform’s successful growth strategy is highlighted by the business information giant, coming second to YouTube.

11am on Friday: The private jet hour - 19 July 2018
Research highlights that 525 private jets take off at 11am on Fridays in Europe PrivateFly gives five reasons why...

PrivateFly sponsors commemorative album to mark RAF centenary - 05 July 2018
With its strong military roots, the private charter platform is featured in ‘100 Years of the RAF’ and will attend centenary flypast in London on 10 July.

Flying visits...a day in the life of a private flyer - 25 June 2018
1 in 10 PrivateFly flights are same day returns - a 40% increase on 2017.

How and where are private flyers taking off in 2018? - 8 May 2018
PrivateFly shares insights from its latest quarterly report, Private Jet Charter Trends (Q1 2018).

Bucket list landings: Travellers name their too 10 scenic airports 2018 - 10 April 2018
PrivateFly’s 2018 poll sees Donegal ranked the world’s most stunning runway.

PrivateFly's 10 most memorable flights - 22 March 2018
From the world's first bitcoin booking,to ten pets on one jet, PrivateFly looks back at a decade of flights.

Double celebration at PrivateFly as it celebrates 10 years in business. - 7 March 2018
As 2017 saw more growth than at any time since the financial crisis, PrivateFly forecasts five key predictions for the year ahead.

2018 Will See 'Millennial' Growth In The Private Jet Sector - 09 January 2018
As 2017 saw more growth than at any time since the financial crisis, PrivateFly forecasts five key predictions for the year ahead.

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